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October 19, 2010

MADISON - Hunters participating in the 2010 Wisconsin deer hunting seasons should be aware of a number of new rules in place this year.

Among the major changes are a rule that now allows use of magnifying scopes on muzzleloader rifles and another allowing the "quartering" of deer in the field to ease their transport.

Scopes or telescopic sights on muzzleloaders

Starting this deer season, hunters using muzzleloader firearms to hunt in Wisconsin may legally use a telescopic sight or scope with magnification during the 10-day muzzleloader-only deer season. Muzzleloaders with scopes may now be used for all gun deer seasons, including certain state parks with special muzzleloader seasons. There is no restriction on power or magnification of scopes or telescopic sights. Laser sights are only legal if the person holds a Class C disabled hunting permit.

"Quartering" of deer

Hunters may now divide a deer or bear into not more than 5 parts prior to registration, but only to facilitate removal from the field. The head must remain attached to one of the 5 main parts, and hunters must retain all parts, including hide and lower legs, except entrails from the field and exhibit at registration.

Movement of Deer Carcasses: from CWD Zone or other CWD States

Hunters are now allowed to transport a whole deer carcass, or parts that contain the head, neck or spinal column from the chronic wasting disease management zone and deer, elk or moose from other states where CWD has been identified to areas in Wisconsin outside the Wisconsin CWD management zone if delivered to a licensed meat processor or licensed taxidermist within 72 hours. The taxidermist or meat processor must be told that the animal came from a CWD area so they know to dispose of the head, neck and spinal column at a licensed landfill or rendering plant.

Other changes include:

A New Hunting and Trapping Regulations fact sheet (pdf) is available on the Department of Natural Resources website with has a full list of new hunting and trapping regulations that includes some rule changes that were implemented late in 2009.

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