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October 12, 2010

MADISON -- Tales from the outdoors fill the pages of October's Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

Al Cornell shares how a night of banding wood ducks led to some wet woodies warming up on the floorboards of his old pickup truck.

Readers go underground to stay on track with a UW-Milwaukee project that is using hair samples and sophisticated genetic analysis to monitor the movements and breeding habits of badgers. If you want to see a badger, just come along with us!

Join us on a visit to the new cool-water portion of the Wild Rose hatchery where the next generations of northern pike, walleye and lake sturgeon are getting a healthy start. See how innovations can raise quality fish while saving water, saving energy and cutting pollutants substantially.

Cast out nets and haul in a boatload of information on how lake trout are managed on Lake Superior. Learn how two remote fish refuges off the Apostle Islands were to sustaining wild fish stocks of native lakers.

Come celebrate the unique qualities of the Niagara Escarpment, the hard rock that shaped the physical character of east central and northeast Wisconsin. This formation that arcs from eastern Wisconsin towards the northeast all the way to Niagara Falls is a focus for future wind power exploration and provides some unique business opportunities. Escarpment rock areas create the right microclimate and soils to grow very fine red wines that could rival the best wine-growing conditions in France.

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