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August 3, 2010

MADISON - Pick up the August issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine and meet 15 characters who do their detective work outdoors. Read "Wild Whodunits" to review the works of mystery writers whose sleuths are conservation wardens, scientists, park rangers, hikers and anglers.

The article "Less P" takes a key look at the health and environmental issues behind phosphorus rules that are under Legislative review. The rules aim to stem the flow of phosphorus from agricultural runoff, urban stormwater, municipal treatment works and industrial effluents. Meet a property owner whose lakeside home is less livable due to summer phosphorus buildup in her lake and learn about changing municipal and agricultural practices to cut the flow of this nutrient to public waters.

"Big dividends from our Stewardship investments" shows some of the campgrounds, trails and public lands that will be acquired as the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund enters its third decade. We visit a host of projects that will be underway in the next year to make outdoor walks, hunts, hikes and bike trips more fun.

"Going to bat for bats" describes strategies to slow the spread of white-nose syndrome in state bat populations and monitor bats for this fatal disease. A brochure in the center spread encourages hunters to get involved in the mentored hunt program and provides some how-to tips to start programs in communities.

"New kingdoms for little birds in golden robes" showcases a pilot program wildlife staff developed to provide artificial nest boxes for a rare cavity-nesting bird, the prothonotary warbler, which prefers lowland bottomland forests. In its second year, this program has had substantial success encouraging more nesting warblers.

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