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Contact(s): Phil Rynish, DNR property planner, 608-266-5854; or Paul Holtan, DNR Office of Communications, 608-267-7517
February 26, 2019

Public invited to participate in small group discussions at March 12 meeting

BLUE MOUNDS, Wis. - The public will have an opportunity to give input and share ideas on the future use and management of Blue Mound State Park at an upcoming public meeting.

In June 2018, the Natural Resources Board approved the department's recommendation to develop a plan revision to the Blue Mound State Park master plan. The department has been gathering data and is now initiating the planning process. The result of this process will be a master plan that replaces the existing 1984 master plan. A master plan, guided by Chapter NR 44, Wisconsin Administrative Code, establishes the level and type of resource management and public use permitted on department-managed properties.

Trail use is one of the recreational areas that will be addressed through the master planning process. - Photo credit: DNR
Trail use is one of the recreational areas that will be addressed through the master planning process.Photo credit: DNR

Blue Mound State Park is 1,153 acres atop the highest point in Southern Wisconsin. The park offers spectacular views, opportunities to see and learn about unique geological features and a variety of recreational facilities. Over 20 miles of scenic trails, access to the Military Ridge State Trail, bike-in campsites, a family campground, summer swimming pool, and a rustic cabin for people with disabilities make Blue Mound a popular year-round destination.

The public can learn more about and engage in the planning process by attending the public meeting from 5-7:30 p.m., March 12, at the Mount Horeb Middle School Cafeteria, 900 E Garfield Street; Mount Horeb.

A brief presentation will take place at 5:15 p.m. and will be followed by small group discussions focused on sharing perspectives and identifying topics to be considered during the planning process.

People are also encouraged to visit the Blue Mound State Park Master Plan website by going to the DNR website,, searching keywords "property planning" and Blue Mound State Park under "Property-based plans in progress". In addition to opportunities to learn more about Blue Mound State Park and the planning process, an online public input form is also available. For more information about the park, search keywords "Blue Mound."

"We welcome everyone to visit our website and attend the public meeting to share their perspective on future use and management of Blue Mound State Park and to learn about the department's property master planning process." said Diane Brusoe, Property Planning Section Chief.

In addition to the opportunities to offer input online or at public meetings, people may contact DNR Planner Phil Rynish, by email at, phone at 608-266-5854, or US mail at Phil Rynish, Wisconsin DNR, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI, 53707-7921.

The public comment period for the first phase of planning is open through March 26, 2019.

Last Revised: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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