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Contact(s): Sawyer Briel, DNR communications, 608-282-5334
March 14, 2017

MADISON -- Department of Natural Resources staff uses a number of tools to reach Wisconsin's citizens. While these outlets give DNR staff an opportunity to interact directly with the public, they also let visitors to these pages share stories and experiences with others from all over the world.

Share photos, tag friends, and interact with DNR staff on our Facebook page

Facebook provides an avenue to share feedback with staff, ask questions, or simply share photos or stories from afield. Whether you are looking for answers to a question about regulations, or looking to share a photo from your trip to a state park, Facebook is a perfect fit.

Check out the department's Facebook page (exit DNR).

Looking for news on the go? Send us a tweet!

For people who like to get their news on the go, Twitter provides bite-sized updates for a number of DNR programs and events. Check out the department's Twitter page (exit DNR).

Learn more about a number of cool DNR projects on our YouTube page

For a closer look at some of the department's most interesting projects and programs, the department's (exit DNR) provides an inside look at everything from tips for deer season to environmental success stories.

Video Credit: DNR

Receive email updates for topics that interest you - subscribe to a Gov Delivery list

To receive email updates regarding everything from deer hunting to volunteer opportunities, visit and click on the email icon near the bottom of the page titled "subscribe for updates for DNR topics," then follow the prompts and select any lists that fall within your outdoor interests.

Are you a "pinner?" Check out DNR's Pinterest page

Whether you are looking for wild game recipes, or new ideas for fun acitvities in the outdoors, the department's (exit DNR) provides a number of opportunities to check out cool photos and trip ideas and share with friends.

Looking to start your career with DNR? Our LinkedIn page has it all!

If you are interested in a career in natural resources management, look no further - the department's (exit DNR) is a one-stop shop for job opportunities at DNR.

Last Revised: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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