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Contact(s): Noah Balgooyen, DNR wildlife damage biologist, 608-266-2151
November 19, 2015

MADISON - Hunters and landowners in Wisconsin are reminded to be on the lookout for feral pigs as they head into the woods for fall hunting seasons.

These pigs have a number of negative impacts on the landscape, including disease, habitat degradation, competition with native wildlife for food sources, crop damage, and many more. Feral pig sightings and harvests should be reported on the Department of Natural Resources website,, by searching for keyword "feral pigs."

"Although we are currently not aware of any established feral pig populations in Wisconsin, we have had some in the recent past, and we want to stay vigilant and react quickly to any hotspots that may arise," said Noah Balgooyen, DNR wildlife damage biologist.

Feral pigs are an unprotected wild animal in Wisconsin, may be harvested year-round, and have no hunting hour restrictions (except during gun deer hunting seasons, when normal hunting hours must be followed). A hunting license is not required to shoot a feral pig on your property, but it is important to remember that a small game, archery, sports, or patron license is required to shoot a feral pig elsewhere. It is recommended that hunters wear rubber gloves when butchering or field dressing the harvested animal.

While the department encourages the removal of feral pigs whenever possible, caution is advised in making sure that the pig is not an escaped domestic from a local farm. Contact your local sheriff's office to determine if escaped domestic pigs have been reported in your area.

Last Revised: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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