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May 20, 2014

RHINELANDER, Wis. -- The public has an opportunity to submit comments on the proposed management plans for eight unique state properties that the Department of Natural Resources uses to demonstrate sustainable forest management and responsible stewardship to students, professional foresters and non-industrial private forest landowners.

Originally named "Timber Harvest Demonstration Forests," these areas were established in the 1940s to demonstrate growing timber and woodlot management to farmers, according to Bob Dall, a DNR state forest planner at Rhinelander.

"Over the years, the emphasis changed to include total ecosystem management and education. In 1990, the tracts were renamed 'Stewardship Demonstration Forests' to reflect their use to educate the general public about managing land for multiple benefits," Dall said

DNR staff are now assessing eight of these public properties to develop revised management plans and is seeking public input and suggestions in developing the draft plans. The eight Stewardship Demonstration Forests include:

"These forests provide an opportunity to demonstrate active timber management and sustainable forestry," Dall said. "Most of the tracts have good historical information that may be useful in research, and the lands are open for potential new research opportunities."

There are currently 12 Stewardship Demonstration Forests, each in a different Wisconsin county. The forests cover a total 1,056 acres and range in size from 32 to 437 acres. Management of the other four Stewardship Demonstration Projects is incorporated into existing master plans for other state or county forest properties.

People can learn more about Stewardship Demonstration Forests, including their history and management, by searching the DNR website for keywords "master planning," and clicking on the link for "demonstration forests."

The public review period opens May 20 and runs through June 9, 2014. The public can comment through an online survey available on the DNR website or download a public comment form. Comment forms, written comments or questions can be sent to Bob Dall, Wisconsin DNR, 107 Sutliff Avenue, Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501 or by email to


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