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May 21, 2013

MADISON -- Sponsors and landowners interested in hosting a gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities are encouraged to apply by June 1. Applications can now be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources online.

"Submitting applications by June 1 allows us to compile a list of sponsors in plenty of time for sponsors, landowners, and hunters to start planning their hunts," said Scott Roepke, assistant big game ecologist for the Department of Natural Resources.

Sponsors are encouraged to submit their applications using the new online process which can be found at, search keywords "disabled deer hunt." If sponsors do not have access to the online application, hard copies are available at DNR service centers or by calling Scott Roepke at 608-261-7588.

"The online application streamlines the process for both the hunt sponsors and allows interested hunters to see which properties are enrolled in the hunt sooner than in previous years," said Roepke.

In 2012, 93 sponsors worked with landowners to make nearly 75,000 acres of land open to hunters with disabilities. These sponsors and landowners provided opportunities for more than 450 hunters.

"The Gun Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities Program first began in 1990 to provide an opportunity to hunt deer while mild temperatures persist and mobility is relatively unhampered," said Roepke. "These hunts are sponsored by private individuals or organizations and almost entirely take place on privately-owned lands."

This year's gun hunt for hunters with disabilities will occur Oct. 5 to 13.Landowners and sponsors have the option to limit the hunt to certain days within that time period.

Hunters interested in participating in the hunt can find a list of sponsors on the DNR website after June 1. Hunters are encouraged to contact sponsors as soon as possible so that the sponsors can begin to plan for the hunt. Sponsors are required to submit a list of participating hunters no later than Sept. 1. The list of participating hunters can also be submitted online, similar to the sponsor application.

"We would like to thank all of the hunt sponsors, landowners, and volunteers for their dedication to this great event. Without them, this hunt would not be possible," Roepke said.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Scott Roepke, DNR assistant big game ecologist, 608-261-7588; Sam Jonas, DNR assistant big game ecologist, 608-264-6023

Last Revised: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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