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October 2, 2012

MADISON - Businesses, developers, scientists and citizens with comments about the potential economic impact of adding eight plants and animals to the state endangered species list and removing 16 other ones from the list are invited to submit comments through Oct. 24.

The Department of Natural Resources will use the information submitted regarding the potential costs and benefits of the proposed changes to the list as staff prepare the economic impact analysis now required by law.

Comments about the economic impact may be submitted electronically to: or may be mailed to: Wisconsin DNR- Bureau of Endangered Resources, E/T EIA Solicitation, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707. Comments are to be postmarked no later than Oct. 24, 2012.

Other steps in the rule making process and opportunities for public involvement are found on the DNR website by searching for keywords "ET list" and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Any local governmental unit that is affected by the proposed additions and removals to the endangered species list also may request to coordinate with DNR on preparation of the economic impact analysis. That governmental unit must notify DNR of its request to coordinate when it submits comments on economic analysis.

DNR is proposing the changes to the list after a comprehensive review and in keeping with a requirement to evaluate the list of endangered and threatened species every five years. Some of the 16 species proposed for removal responded well to protections given to listed species and management efforts to increase their populations, while others were found to not be as rare as once thought or no longer occur in the state.

Those proposed for removal are: the greater redhorse, a small fish; the barn owl, snowy egret, and Bewick's wren, the pygmy snaketail, a dragonfly, and two reptiles. The Blanding's turtle review determined there are large, stable populations and wide distribution. In the case of Butler's gartersnake, new genetic analysis indicated greater abundance and range than previously believed.

The other species proposed to be removed from the list are plants: the American fever-few, bog bluegrass, Canada horse-balm, drooping sedge, hemlock parsley, prairie Indian-plantain, snowy campion, yellow gentian, and yellow giant hyssop.

Eight species are proposed to be added to the list because they are in jeopardy now or in the near future. Protected status would make it illegal under Wisconsin's Endangered Species Law for people to kill, transport, possess, process or sell the species.

Species being recommended for listing to protect declining populations include three birds -- the black tern, Kirtland's warbler, upland sandpiper; and five invertebrates -- the beach-dune tiger beetle, ottoe skipper, a leafhopper, an Issid planthopper, and fawnsfoot mussel.

A preliminary draft of the rule order along with detailed information on the species proposed for listing and delisting is available on the DNR website, keyword "ET List". Administrative rule documents are also available at: Wisconsin Administrative Rules website (exit DNR).

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Rebecca Schroeder 608-266-5244

Last Revised: Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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