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August 28, 2012

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. - A "Grosbeaks Galore -Birds on Your Landscape" workshop is now accepting registrations for the Oct. 13 session in Port Washington.

The day-long workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn more about attracting migratory birds to your property and enjoy exhibits, activities and door prizes, says Kim Grveles, workshop coordinator and a Department of Natural Resources avian biologist.

"Here's just a sample of the fun and exciting educational activities we've got planned," she says:


Afternoon Field Tours at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

Also, participants will find exhibits on Bird City Wisconsin, invasive plant species, native plants species, including how to plant and care for them, bird feeders -- what to feed, types of feeders, deterring unwanted species, migratory birds and stopover habitats, Riveredge Nature Preserve, Madison Audubon Society, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, ecological landscape consultants, and much, much more!

To register, contact Kim Grveles by email at or by phone at 608-264-8594.

Grosbeaks Galore is set for Saturday, Oct. 13, in Port Washington and is sponsored by the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, a partnership among state, federal and local agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals to protect, conserve and enhance habitat for migratory birds.

Learn more about why stopover habitat is important for migratory birds

The morning session and lunch will take place at the Country Inn and Suites, 350E Seven Hills Road, Port Washington. Afternoon field tours will be held at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve just north of Port Washington, in Ozaukee County.

"This is a great opportunity to learn how to help migratory birds and bring more of them and other wildlife to your own backyard," Grveles says.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kim Grveles (608) 264-8594

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