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March 27, 2012

For nearly 80 years the Conservation Congress has been reaching out to the citizens of the state, asking people to join the conversation and share ideas on a variety of resource management topics.

The tradition continues Monday, April 9. There will be 72 public hearings, one in each Wisconsin county, starting at 7 p.m. If you attend, you'll have the chance to elect delegates to represent your county on the Conservation Congress and you can weigh in on DNR wildlife and fisheries and Conservation Congress advisory questions and citizen resolutions.

New this year, the Conservation Congress will hold a town hall meeting at the end of the night to gather ideas from attendees on how to simplify regulations and how to eliminate participation barriers to activities like fishing and hunting.

This is a Wisconsin-born, unique opportunity to weigh in on natural resources issues that may affect you. It's incredibly important for you to be part of the process.

DNR questions gauge your support - or lack thereof -- on issues ranging from fishing and hunting questions.

This year, wildlife advisory questions seek feedback on permanent adoption of a two-period bobcat hunting and trapping season with permit applicants being required to select either the early or the late season; updating licensing requirements for hunting guides; and, expanding open water hunting opportunities for waterfowl.

Fishing questions this year ask your opinion on allowing year-round fishing seasons in areas we are comfortable it is unnecessary to protect certain fish populations; having a single, statewide musky season opener date; and eliminating some fish refuges if DNR finds that fish populations can be adequately protected by other regulations such as season, bag, or size limits in the same area.

Wisconsin is a fantastic place to hunt and fish. Help us make it even better. Join the conversation at this year's annual hearings. Share your ideas on how we can continue to work together to protect natural resources while making fishing, hunting, and trapping more fun for more people.

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