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October 4, 2011

Recycling bins offered to participants

MADISON -- With the start of a new school year, fall is the perfect time to improve the health and environment of schools across the state. The Green and Healthy Schools (GHS) Program helps schools save money, improve the health of their school, and be greener, healthier places for their students.

The Green and Healthy Schools Program is a three-step, voluntary program available to all Wisconsin public and private elementary, middle and high schools. The program guides schools through an environmental assessment to see where they can make improvements in areas like energy and water use, waste and recycling, and transportation. After completing the assessment, schools take actions to address issues they found and improve the health and environment of their school. Once all steps of the program are complete, schools are recognized as an official Green and Healthy School by the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Public Instruction.

The Green and Healthy Schools program is designed to support and encourage schools in their quest for a healthy, safe and environmentally-friendly learning environment. By participating in the program, students learn about the environmental, health and safety challenges facing our state, and are given skills to address these challenges throughout their life. Participant schools often save money on utility bills, paper costs, and other areas.

To help schools improve their recycling efforts, the GHS program offers a recycling bin grant program to program participants. Schools that have completed steps one and two of the program are eligible to apply for up to 50 free recycling bins to use in their schools. Currently, 137 schools are participating in the GHS program and 32 schools have completed the program. Since the program began, 622 bins have been distributed to 14 schools.

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