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August 2, 2011

MADISON - Readers will be seeing red when they pick up the August issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine. The cover story, "Respites for migratory birds," takes a look at the importance of habitat protection at Wisconsin Great Lakes stopover sites for migratory birds. The photos showcasing migratory birds up-close are colorful and catchy. A scarlet tanager wins the cover credit.

August <i>Wisconsin Natural Resources</i>
Click on image for August issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

"Shaping a diverse hunting heritage" celebrates the increasing role minority communities are playing in hunting and fishing in Wisconsin. It also stresses the importance of mentors in introducing youth to the outdoors.

A clever entry, "Jake's Journal," follows a fourth grader's experience turkey hunting with his father. It is as poignant as it is humorous. Turkey hunting is in this boy's blood.

A feature, "Frog warts, lizard gizzards or eye-of-newt," answers questions for those nosey about newts and gives a nod to the doctoring powers of Granny of The Beverly Hillbillies fame.

A story recapping several Wisconsin tree stand accidents that resulted in spinal injuries, "Tree stand tumbles," reminds hunters to be careful when climbing in and out of a stand to always use a harness. It also links to DNR resources for a safe hunt.

Just in time for those last summer family outings before school starts, the "Hidden in plain sight" piece highlights a host of activities that can be discovered in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.

Finally, DNR wildlife staff send out a call to the public to help monitor Wisconsin's wildlife and to report information on species that without their help would be very difficult to obtain.

Remember to consider the magazine as a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that can share what you value about the outdoors with family, friends and professional colleagues. Six colorful issues are delivered to reader's doors all year for less than $1.50 a copy. Year-round the magazine shares ways and place to enjoy the Wisconsin outdoors for only $8.97. Subscribe toll-free at 1-800-678-9472, online at [] or by mail. Subscription blanks and single issues are also available from our circulation office at P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707.

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