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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Benoit Lake - Deep Hole10039772 Map 2022 Details
Big Bear Lake - Deep Hole073063 Map 2021 Details
Big Doctor Lake - Deep Hole073123 Map 2022 Details
Big McKenzie Lake - Deep Hole663129 Map 2022 Details
Big Sand Lake - Near Deep Hole073061 Map 2020 Details
Big Trade Lake - Deep Hole073056 Map 2022 Details
Birch Island Lake - Deep Hole Near Center073099 Map 2021 Details
Birch Island Lake - East Basin073131 Map 2021 Details
Birch Island Lake - North Basin073124 Map 2021 Details
Birch Island Lake - West Basin073130 Map 2021 Details
Cadotte Lake - Deep Hole10051665 Map 2021 Details
Clam River Flowage - Headwater above Dam10041300 Map 2020 Details
Clear Lake - North Central073051 Map 2020 Details
Cranberry Lake - Deep Hole 073093 Map 2021 Details
Crooked Lake - Deep Hole10049259 Map 2021 Details
Danbury Flowage - Upstream of Danbury Dam10029691 Map 2020 Details
Deer Lake - Deep Hole-Site A (T14n R14-15w S7 12 13)073086 Map 2022 Details
Des Moines Lake - Deep Hole073118 Map 2022 Details
Des Moines Lake BL10053990 Map 2020 Details
Devils Lake - Nr Deep Hole073111 Map 2021 Details
Dubois Lake - Deep Hole10049176 Map 2021 Details
Falk Lake at Deepest Point073076 Map 2022 Details
Fish Lake (4-40-14) - East Basin-Site 1073077 Map 2022 Details
Fish Lake - West Basin 073081 Map 2022 Details
Gull Lake at Deepest Point073078 Map 2022 Details
Johnson Lake - Deep Hole 073054 Map 2022 Details
Lipsett Lake - Deep Hole073094 Map 2022 Details
Little Trade Lake - Deep Hole073121 Map 2021 Details
Little Trade Lake - Outlet10051031 Map 2020 Details
Little Wood Lake - Near Deepest Pt073049 Map 2020 Details
Long Lake (Kerr Point)10053991 Map 2021 Details
Long Lake (T41n R14w S33) - Deep Hole073050 Map 2022 Details
Loon Lake - Deep Hole 073125 Map 2022 Details
Love Lake at Deep Point073043 Map 2022 Details
Lower McKenzie Lake - Deep Hole663101 Map 2022 Details
Memory Lake wetland W of Hwy F10053996 Map 2021 Details
Middle McKenzie Lake - Deep Hole663115 Map 2022 Details
Middle North Fork (North Parking Lot)10054155 Map 2020 Details
Minerva Lake - Deep Hole073095 Map 2021 Details
Monson Lake (Parking Lot of Town Hall Rd.)10054156 Map 2020 Details
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