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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Army Lake Deepest Spot10006652 Map 2022 Details
Benedict Lake - Deep Hole303067 Map 2014 Details
Booth Lake - Deep Hole653219 Map 2022 Details
Cedar Grove Millpond - Deepest Spot10033478 Map 1980 Details
Como Lake - Deep Hole653134 Map 2011 Details
Comus Lake - Deep Hole653286 Map 2022 Details
Cravath Lake - Deep Hole653307 Map 2014 Details
Delavan Lake - Deep Hole653215 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake - NE End of Lake (Lake Lawn /Assembly Park)10031264 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake - Near Shore Drive (Rain Event #1)10031265 Map 2010 Details
Delavan Lake - SW End of Lake (S.S. Manor / Borg Mansion and Island House)10031263 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake at North End10041431 Map 2020 Details
Eagle Spring Lake - Deep Hole683258 Map 2021 Details
Eagle Spring Lake at Eagleville WI683320 Map 2001 Details
Eagle Springs Lake Southwest Channel10041951 Map 1994 Details
East Troy Lake - Deepest Spot10020546 Map 2007 Details
End of Lulu Lake Road10052899 Map 2021 Details
Geneva Lake172 Map 1970 Details
Geneva Lake653303 Map 2014 Details
Geneva Lake - Buttons Bay999107 Map 1994 Details
Geneva Lake - Deep Hole-Site A653122 Map 2021 Details
Geneva Lake - East Basin653258 Map 1996 Details
Geneva Lake - Narrows653257 Map 1996 Details
Geneva Lake - South Side653302 Map 2005 Details
Geneva Lake Site B at East End Near Lake Geneva WI653262 Map 2015 Details
Geneva Lake at Center Near Lake Geneva WI653263 Map 2015 Details
Geneva Lake at Geneva Bay653261 Map 1999 Details
Geneva Lake at Willams Bay653264 Map 2010 Details
Green Lake - Deepest Point653123 Map 2022 Details
Hilburn Pond Deepest Spot10033456 Map 1980 Details
Honey Lake - Deep Hole653289 Map 2022 Details
Lagrange Lake Middle of Lake10033459 Map 1980 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 1 - Deep Hole653121 Map 2022 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 1a - South Of Buck Island653285 Map 2012 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 2653135 Map 2014 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 3653136 Map 2014 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 4653137 Map 2014 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 5653138 Map 2014 Details
Lake Beulah at Stringers Bridge Rd10037045 Map 2009 Details
Lake Geneva - Trinke Lagoon Outlet10048422 Map 2019 Details
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