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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Army Lake Deepest Spot10006652 Map 2022 Details
Booth Lake - Deep Hole653219 Map 2021 Details
Comus Lake - Deep Hole653286 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake - Deep Hole653215 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake - NE End of Lake (Lake Lawn /Assembly Park)10031264 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake - SW End of Lake (S.S. Manor / Borg Mansion and Island House)10031263 Map 2022 Details
Delavan Lake at North End10041431 Map 2020 Details
Eagle Spring Lake - Deep Hole683258 Map 2021 Details
End of Lulu Lake Road10052899 Map 2021 Details
Geneva Lake - Deep Hole-Site A653122 Map 2021 Details
Green Lake - Deepest Point653123 Map 2022 Details
Honey Lake - Deep Hole653289 Map 2022 Details
Lake Beulah - Station 1 - Deep Hole653121 Map 2021 Details
Lake Lorraine - Deep Hole653255 Map 2022 Details
Lake Wandawega - Deep Hole653216 Map 2021 Details
Middle Lake - Deepest Point653124 Map 2022 Details
Mill Lake - Deepest Point653125 Map 2022 Details
Outlet to Lake Geneva, Unnamed (Button Creek)10051985 Map 2020 Details
Pleasant Lake - Deep Hole653217 Map 2021 Details
Potter Lake - Middle of Lake653220 Map 2020 Details
Powers Lake - Deep Hole303050 Map 2020 Details
Rice Lake - Deep Hole Near Whitewater WI653231 Map 2021 Details
Turtle Lake - Deep Hole653214 Map 2021 Details
Whitewater Lake - A-Deep Hole Center Of Lake653126 Map 2022 Details
Whitewater Lake - Site B-South Basin653234 Map 2021 Details
Whitewater Lake - Site C-NW Bay653139 Map 2021 Details
Whitewater Lake - Site D-NE Bay653140 Map 2021 Details