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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Bahr Lake Deep Hole10052074 Map 2020 Details
Baker Lake - Deep Hole594001 Map 1979 Details
Beauleau Lake - Deepest Part593067 Map 2022 Details
Big Lake - Deep Hole593076 Map 2022 Details
Big Lake - South10047715 Map 2021 Details
Big Lake - West10047714 Map 2021 Details
Bowler Pond Deep Hole10055204 Map 2021 Details
Grass Lake - Deep Hole593044 Map 2022 Details
Grass Lake - G1 (A-21 Application Area)10055085 Map 2021 Details
Grass Lake - G2 (B-21 Application Area)10055086 Map 2021 Details
Island Lake - Island Lake594004 Map 2017 Details
Kolpack Lake - Deepest Spot10014655 Map 2020 Details
Koonz Lake - Deepest Part593068 Map 2020 Details
Korth Lake Deep Hole10052075 Map 2020 Details
Long Lake - Grass Lake Road 10041946 Map 2014 Details
Long Lake - Deep Hole593003 Map 2022 Details
Long Lake North Herbicide Concentration Monitoirng10054188 Map 2021 Details
Long Lake South Herbicide Concentration Monitoring10054191 Map 2021 Details
Long outside North curtain10055179 Map 2021 Details
Long outside south curtain10055180 Map 2021 Details
Loon Lake - Deep Hole593002 Map 2022 Details
Loon Lake - Deep Hole Near Shawano WI593069 Map 2004 Details
Lower Red Lake - Deep Hole593071 Map 2018 Details
Lulu - East Residual Monitoring10048049 Map 2017 Details
Lulu Lake - Deep Hole10043650 Map 2022 Details
Lulu Lake outflow10047708 Map 2017 Details
Mission Lake - Center10032129 Map 2018 Details
Mondl Creek - Townline Rd. Downstream Of Colvert10017007 Map 1995 Details
Mud Lake- Deep Hole10039273 Map 2015 Details
North of Papermill Dam, Wolf River10050754 Map 2014 Details
Pella Deep Hole10054715 Map 2022 Details
Pensaukee Lake - Deep Hole593040 Map 2020 Details
Pensaukee Lake - Deep Hole - West Basin10039141 Map 2020 Details
Pensaukee Lake - Pensaukee River inlet - East Basin10039140 Map 2020 Details
Pine Lake - Deep Hole593043 Map 2022 Details
Residual Monitoring Inlet10047710 Map 2021 Details
Residual Monitoring between inlet and deep hole10047711 Map 2021 Details
Round Lake - Deep Hole593045 Map 2022 Details
Schoenick Lake Inlet10052906 Map 2019 Details
Schoenick Lake at Deep Hole593155 Map 2021 Details
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