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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Bass Lake (4002w15) - Deep Hole514003 Map 2022 Details
Big Dardis Lake - Deep Hole513151 Map 2021 Details
Butternut Lake - Deep Hole513121 Map 2021 Details
Cochran Lake - Deep Hole513098 Map 2021 Details
Crowley Flowage - Upstream of Crowley Dam10029673 Map 2020 Details
Duroy Lake - Deepest Spot513092 Map 2020 Details
Elk Lake - Deep Hole513093 Map 2020 Details
Lac Sault Dore - Deep Hole513087 Map 2022 Details
Long Lake - Deepest Spot (37 01e 12)513094 Map 2020 Details
Lower Park Falls Flowage - Headwater above lower dam513006 Map 2020 Details
Musser Lake - Deep Hole513088 Map 2021 Details
North Spirit Lake - Deep Hole513079 Map 2021 Details
Pike Lake - Deep Hole513095 Map 2021 Details
Pixley Flowage - Headwater Above Dam10029672 Map 2020 Details
Round Lake - Deep Hole513126 Map 2021 Details
Schnur Lake - Deep Hole513135 Map 2021 Details
Solberg Lake - Deep Hole513128 Map 2022 Details
Spirit Lake - Deep Hole513097 Map 2021 Details
Turner Lake - Deep Hole513133 Map 2021 Details
Upper Park Falls Flowage - Upstream of Upper Hydro Dam10029669 Map 2020 Details
Wilson Flowage - Deep Hole513137 Map 2020 Details