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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Rainbow Flowage - Far Dam443403 Map 2015 Details
Rainbow Flowage - Headwater Above Dam10035064 Map 2019 Details
Rainbow Flowage - Max Depth443394 Map 2022 Details
Rainbow Flowage - Near Dam443402 Map 1994 Details
Rainbow Flowage - Up End (T39nr8es09)443395 Map 2015 Details
Range Line Lake - Deep Hole443244 Map 2022 Details
Rhinelander Flowage - Rhinelander Flowage443245 Map 2001 Details
Rhinelander Flowage - Rhinelander Flowage - End Of Rice Bed Dnstr Of Skunk Cr Landin443454 Map 1999 Details
Rhinelander Flowage at start of rice beds Apperson Landing443453 Map 2022 Details
Rhinelander Flowage backwaters bar10043987 Map 2022 Details
Rhinelander Flowage near Spur Ln10042611 Map 2022 Details
Rice Lake - Deep Hole443353 Map 2020 Details
Rice River Flowage - Deep Hole443246 Map 1979 Details
Round Lake - Deep Hole443247 Map 2017 Details
Round Lake - Deep Hole443327 Map 1989 Details