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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Hancock Lake - Deep Hole443107 Map 2022 Details
Hanson Lake - Deep Hole443108 Map 2021 Details
Hasbrook Lake - Deep Hole443386 Map 2022 Details
Hat Rapids Flowage10021034 Map 1996 Details
Hat Rapids Flowage - 100 Ft NE Of Hat Rapids Dam443489 Map 2021 Details
Hat Rapids Flowage Above Dam West Side Of River10021039 Map 1998 Details
Haven Lake - Deep Hole443109 Map 1979 Details
Hawk Lake at Max Depth - Middle443414 Map 2020 Details
Hemlock Lake - Deep Hole443480 Map 2022 Details
Hess Lake - Deep Hole443367 Map 1989 Details
High Lake - Deep Hole443312 Map 1985 Details
Hilderbrand Lake - Deep Hole353074 Map 1979 Details
Hill Lake - Deep Hole443340 Map 2021 Details
Hill Lake - Hill Lake Rd off of 1st Dock013146 Map 1992 Details
Hixon Lake - Deep Hole10051362 Map 2018 Details
Hixon Lake - Hixon Lake444007 Map 1979 Details
Hodag Lake - Deep Hole443313 Map 2019 Details
Hodstradt Lake - Deep Hole443110 Map 2022 Details
Horsehead Lake - Deep Hole443111 Map 2022 Details
Hughitt Lake - Deep Hole443112 Map 1979 Details