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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Aldridge Lake - Deep Hole443052 Map 2022 Details
Alice Lake (T38nR06eSec10) - Deep Hole443334 Map 1985 Details
Alva Lake - Deep Hole443053 Map 2022 Details
Amber Lake - Deep Hole10021157 Map 2022 Details
Amber Lake - Site A North Bay643456 Map 2010 Details
Amber Lake - Site B South Bay643457 Map 2016 Details
Arbutus Lake - Deep Hole443331 Map 1985 Details
Bass Lake (3605e18) - Deep Hole443373 Map 2016 Details
Bass Lake (T35r09es24) - Deep Hole443325 Map 1985 Details
Bass Lake (T37r09es30) - Deep Hole443324 Map 2022 Details
Bass Lake (T38r09s12) - Deep Hole443054 Map 1979 Details
Bass Lake T39 R08 S31 - Deep Hole443309 Map 1993 Details
Bear Lake - Deep Hole443187 Map 2022 Details
Bearskin Lake - Deep Hole443121 Map 2022 Details
Bertram Lake - Deep Hole444002 Map 1979 Details
Big Carr Lake - Deep Hole443056 Map 2017 Details
Big Carr Lake At Boat Landing10021036 Map 1997 Details
Big Carr/Little Carr10043478 Map 2019 Details
Big Fork Lake - Deep Hole443007 Map 2022 Details
Big Lake - Deep Hole443055 Map 2022 Details
Big Lake Eagle Lake Thoroughfare10042840 Map 2014 Details
Big Stone Lake10053017 Map 2017 Details
Big Stone Lake - Max Depth443033 Map 2022 Details
Birch Lake - Deep Hole443057 Map 2021 Details
Bird Lake - Deep Hole443058 Map 2020 Details
Blair Lake T38nr08es26 - Max Dpt443410 Map 1995 Details
Blue Lake - East Basin443399 Map 2022 Details
Blue Lake - West Basin443060 Map 2022 Details
Bluegill Lake - Deep Hole443061 Map 1979 Details
Bolger Lake - Deep Hole443059 Map 2020 Details
Boom Lake - Deep Hole443062 Map 2022 Details
Booth Lake - Deep Hole443063 Map 2019 Details
Bowles Lake - Bowles Lake444003 Map 1979 Details
Bridge Lake - Bridge Lake353361 Map 2018 Details
Bridge Lake - Deep Hole353096 Map 2019 Details
Bridge Lake - Northeast Basin10051091 Map 2018 Details
Bridge Lake - Outpost Campground Site #4443472 Map 2021 Details
Bridge Lake - South Basin - Application Area10051090 Map 2018 Details
Bridge Lake - South Basin - South End10051088 Map 2018 Details
Brown Lake - Deep Hole443064 Map 1983 Details
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