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a lake.
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For information on Lakes in Wisconsin, contact:
Wisconsin DNR Lakes
Division of Water
Bureau of Water Quality
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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Bass Lake - Deep Hole383209 Map 2018 Details
Big Newton Lake - Deep Hole383185 Map 2018 Details
Caldron Falls Reservoir - Deep Hole383053 Map 2017 Details
Caldron Falls Reservoir - Headwater Caldron Falls Dam10048094 Map 2016 Details
Camp Lake - Deep Hole10007705 Map 2016 Details
Coleman Lake - Deep Hole383121 Map 2017 Details
Crane Lake - Deep Hole10007726 Map 2018 Details
Gilas Lake - Deep Hole383100 Map 2018 Details
Glen Lake - Deep Hole383277 Map 2016 Details
High Falls Reservoir at Deepest Area383256 Map 2016 Details
Hilbert Lake - Deep Hole383052 Map 2018 Details
Lake Noquebay - Deep Hole383125 Map 2018 Details
Lily Lake - Center10021425 Map 2018 Details
Little Newton Lake - Deep Hole383095 Map 2018 Details
Lundgren Lake - Deepest Part383093 Map 2016 Details
Lundgren Lake - Littoral zone, East10044889 Map 2016 Details
Lundgren Lake - Littoral zone, West10044890 Map 2016 Details
Mary Lake - Deepest Part383208 Map 2018 Details
Residual monitoring Northeast10047706 Map 2017 Details
Residual monitoring inflow10047703 Map 2017 Details
Residual monitoring outflow10047704 Map 2017 Details
Thunder Lake - Deep Hole383096 Map 2018 Details
Town Corner Lake - Deep Hole383054 Map 2018 Details
Yankee Lake - Deep Hole383255 Map 2017 Details