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a lake.
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For information on Lakes in Wisconsin, contact:
Wisconsin DNR Lakes
Division of Water
Bureau of Water Quality
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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Antigo Lakes - Middle Basin (Basin 2) - Deepest Spot10031332 Map 2017 Details
Big Twin Lake - Deep Hole343068 Map 2017 Details
Boulder Lake - Deep Hole433081 Map 2018 Details
Crystal Lake - Deep Hole213044 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole - Little Partridge Lake, Langlade County10043752 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole - Partridge Lake, Langlade County10043787 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole - Saddlebag Lake, Langlade County10043760 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole, Bullhead Lake, Langlade County10043753 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole, Horseshoe Lake, Langlade County10043754 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole, Lower Wolf Lake, Langlade County10043756 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole, Upper Wolf Lake, Langlade County10043755 Map 2018 Details
Deep Hole, unnamed lake (WBIC 1448300 - Little Saddlebag Lake), Langlade County10043761 Map 2017 Details
Duck Lake - Deep Hole343044 Map 2018 Details
Dynamite Lake - Deep Hole343067 Map 2018 Details
Enterprise Lake - Deep Hole343120 Map 2018 Details
Greater Bass Lake - Deep Hole343123 Map 2016 Details
Lawrence Lake Deep Hole10022550 Map 2017 Details
Lower Post Lake - Deep Hole343148 Map 2017 Details
Mary Lake - Max Depth343135 Map 2018 Details
Mcgee Lake - Deep Hole343154 Map 2016 Details
Moose Lake - Deep Hole343153 Map 2018 Details
Pickerel Lake - West Lobe213128 Map 2017 Details
Rolling Stone Lake - Deep Hole343126 Map 2017 Details
Rose Lake - Deep Hole343131 Map 2018 Details
Sawyer Lake - Deep Hole343132 Map 2017 Details
Upper Post Lake - Deep Hole343136 Map 2017 Details
White Lake - Deep Hole343151 Map 2018 Details