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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Augustine Lake - Deep Hole023124 Map 2021 Details
Bear Lake - Deep Hole024001 Map 1979 Details
Beaver Dam Lake at Main Basin023054 Map 2006 Details
Beaver Lake - Deep Hole024002 Map 1979 Details
Beaverdam Lake - Deep Hole024011 Map 1979 Details
Black Lake - Deep Hole583173 Map 2004 Details
Butternut Lake - Deep Hole513121 Map 2022 Details
Caroline Lake Deep Hole023055 Map 2020 Details
Cub Lake024003 Map 1979 Details
Day Lake Deep Hole024010 Map 1979 Details
Dead Horse Slough - Dead Horse Slough024005 Map 1979 Details
East Twin Lake - Deep Hole10043702 Map 2020 Details
English Lake - East Basin023065 Map 2018 Details
English Lake - English Lake024004 Map 1979 Details
English Lake - West Basin023056 Map 2018 Details
Eureka Lake - Deep Hole10043680 Map 2020 Details
Gordon Lake - North Basin023122 Map 2000 Details
Gordon Lake - Southeast Basin023123 Map 2000 Details
Island in Channel NW of Fish Creek Landing on HWY 210050797 Map 2012 Details
Kakagon Slough - Kakagon Slough024006 Map 1979 Details
Lake Galilee - Deep Hole023057 Map 2022 Details
Lake Galilee - Location 110043062 Map 2014 Details
Lake Galilee - Location 410043067 Map 2015 Details
Lake Superior - Near Kakagon Slou.117 Map 1974 Details
Lake Superior - Wisconsin Pt 10022881 Map 2013 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (01)10041999 Map 2007 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (02)10042000 Map 2007 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (03)10042001 Map 2007 Details
Long Lake (T44n R02w S29) - Deep Hole023059 Map 2020 Details
Loon Lake (T45r02ws29) - Deep Hole023060 Map 2016 Details
Loon Lake - Loon Lake024007 Map 1979 Details
Meder Lake - Deep Hole023061 Map 2020 Details
Meder Lake - Meder Lake024008 Map 1979 Details
Meder Lake - Meder Lake023125 Map 2001 Details
Mineral Lake - Deep Hole023062 Map 2022 Details
Park Falls Flowage Upper - Park Falls Flowage Upper514011 Map 1979 Details
Spider Lake - Deep Hole023063 Map 1997 Details
Tea Lake deep hole10021253 Map 2020 Details
Unnamed (2753200) on Outer Island- Deep hole10049395 Map 2018 Details
Upper Clam Lake - Deep Hole023121 Map 2002 Details
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