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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Downsville Lake Deep Hole10037624 Map 2012 Details
Elk Creek Lake - Deep Hole173236 Map 2002 Details
Lake Eau Galle - Middle Of Lake173224 Map 2006 Details
Lake Menomin - Deep Hole173121 Map 2017 Details
Lake Menomin - Menomin Lake174001 Map 2005 Details
Lake Menomin - NE channel of Wolske Bay10030503 Map 2009 Details
Lake Menomin - Near Highway 94173217 Map 2003 Details
Lake Menomin - Near Wolske Bay10031500 Map 2017 Details
Lake Menomin - Park End999229 Map 1993 Details
Lake Menomin - Site 1 - Menomin L - S Basin Deep Hole173228 Map 2017 Details
Lake Menomin - Site 2 - Menomin L - E Basin Deep Hole173229 Map 2004 Details
Lake Menomin at Wolske Bay173261 Map 2011 Details
Old Elk Lake - Middle Of Lake173225 Map 1995 Details
Red Cedar River - .5 Mi Above Dam173220 Map 2003 Details
Red Cedar River - Bay Across From Afg Glass Bay173219 Map 1991 Details
Red Cedar River - Mouth Of Afg Glass Bay173218 Map 1991 Details
Tainter Lake10030267 Map 2009 Details
Tainter Lake - Deep Hole173124 Map 1974 Details
Tainter Lake - East Lobe of Hay River Bay10033688 Map 2022 Details
Tainter Lake - Hay R Bay Above Hwy D173221 Map 1991 Details
Tainter Lake - Middle Basin - Site 2173215 Map 2022 Details
Tainter Lake - North Basin - Site 1 /Middle Of Red Cedar Lobe173214 Map 2022 Details
Tainter Lake - South Basin - Site 3 /South Bay173216 Map 2017 Details
Tainter Lake - WI Lakes Partnership Site10048859 Map 2017 Details
Tainter Lake - below CTH D bridge10031498 Map 2011 Details
Tainter Lake off end of 852nd street10030546 Map 2009 Details