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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Alexander Lake - Deep Hole163396 Map 2002 Details
Amnicon Lake - Deep Hole163120 Map 2022 Details
Amnicon Lake - Nw Tomahawk Island163301 Map 1994 Details
Amnicon Lake at Outlet163399 Map 2018 Details
Amnicon Lake at West Middle Bay10042974 Map 2003 Details
Bardon Lake - Deep Hole163121 Map 1975 Details
Bass Lake - Deep Hole164002 Map 1979 Details
Beauregard Lake - Deep Hole163382 Map 1998 Details
Bois Brule River at Big Lake Landing10042843 Map 2015 Details
Bond Lake - Deep Hole163237 Map 2018 Details
Coffee Lake At Deep Hole10021091 Map 2017 Details
Cranberry Lake - Center163407 Map 2015 Details
Crooked Lake - Crooked Lake164003 Map 2020 Details
Crotty Lake - Crotty Lake164004 Map 1979 Details
Crotty Lake - Wascott 10054055 Map 2020 Details
Crystal Lake - Near Deep Hole163392 Map 2016 Details
Dowling Lake - Deep Hole163091 Map 2020 Details
Dowling Lake - Dowling Lake164018 Map 2018 Details
Dowling Lake at Outlet163402 Map 2020 Details
Dowling Lake nearshore10037689 Map 2012 Details
Ellison Lake - Near Center043151 Map 2015 Details
Gander Lake At Deep Hole10021092 Map 2010 Details
Island in Channel NW of Fish Creek Landing on HWY 210050797 Map 2012 Details
Lake Minnesuing - Deep Hole163125 Map 2022 Details
Lake Nebagamon - Big Bay - Deep Hole163394 Map 2022 Details
Lake Nebagamon - Deep Hole163127 Map 2014 Details
Lake Nebagamon - Northeast Bay At Lake Nebagamon WI163223 Map 1993 Details
Lake Nebagamon - Southeast Bay (Center) At Lake Nebagamon WI163224 Map 2014 Details
Lake Nebagamon - West Bay At Lake Nebagamon WI163225 Map 2020 Details
Lake Superior - Wisconsin Pt 10022881 Map 2013 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (01)10041999 Map 2007 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (02)10042000 Map 2007 Details
Lake Superior Cummings Slip (03)10042001 Map 2007 Details
Leader Lake - Near Deep Pt E Basin163238 Map 2022 Details
Little Sand Lake - Deepest Point663186 Map 2022 Details
Loon Lake - S. Loon Lake Road10054056 Map 2020 Details
Lower Eau Claire - Mooney Dam Co.Park163424 Map 2022 Details
Lower Eau Claire Lake - Deep Hole043037 Map 2022 Details
Lund Lake - Deepest Spot164005 Map 1979 Details
Lyman Lake - Deep Hole163123 Map 2018 Details
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