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a lake.
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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Clear Lake - Crawford Co10037622 Map 2012 Details
Clear Lake nearshore Crawford Co10037685 Map 2012 Details
De Soto Pond - Along Hwy 35123075 Map 2010 Details
Garnet Lake Bay10040870 Map 2009 Details
Mississippi River - Pool 10 - Sturgeon Slough10042782 Map 2013 Details
Mississippi River-Bachelor Pond - Pool 10123027 Map 1994 Details
Un. Slough Wauzeka (WBIC 5574994)10046974 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed (Myrtle Lake) - Soldiers Grove - Center of Lake10055118 Map 2022 Details
Unnamed Lake10040872 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Lake 10040871 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Pond10040873 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Slough WI R.10039129 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Slough WI R. 10040868 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Slough WI R. 10040869 Map 2009 Details
Unnamed Slough WI. R.10037883 Map 2010 Details