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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Arkdale Lake (Millpond) - Deep Hole013159 Map 2022 Details
Arrowhead Lake - Deepest Point In Lake Just Above Dam (#5)013037 Map 2022 Details
Big Roche A Cri Lake - Site 1 - West End - Deep Hole013007 Map 2021 Details
Camelot Lake - (South Lobe) Above Dam013040 Map 2022 Details
Camelot Lake - Deep Hole (North Lobe) Above Dam013039 Map 2022 Details
Crooked Lake - Deepest Point013148 Map 2021 Details
Deep Lake - Deepest Point013145 Map 2021 Details
Easton Lake - Deepest Point10021086 Map 2021 Details
Fawn Lake - Deepest Area Near Dam10021087 Map 2021 Details
Fenner Lake - Max Depth013008 Map 2021 Details
Friendship Lake - Max Depth013018 Map 2021 Details
Friendship Lake - Near 11th Ave (Site #2)10040760 Map 2021 Details
Goose Lake - Deepest Point013142 Map 2022 Details
Jordan Lake - Deepest Point (East Basin Deep Hole)013152 Map 2021 Details
Lake Sherwood - Deep Hole Just Above Dam013038 Map 2022 Details
Little Roche A Cri Creek at Sth 13013012 Map 2021 Details
Mason Lake - Deep Hole013029 Map 2022 Details
McGinnis Lake - Deep Hole013133 Map 2022 Details
Parker Lake - Deep Hole 013147 Map 2021 Details
Patrick Lake - Maximum Depth013051 Map 2021 Details
Peppermill Lake - Deepest Point013144 Map 2021 Details
Peppermill Lake - Outflow10054916 Map 2021 Details
Peppermill Lake - South End of Lake (Site # 60)10031334 Map 2021 Details
Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mi Se Longview Pt013169 Map 2021 Details
Petenwell Lake - Off Private Dock - Arkdale10029567 Map 2021 Details
Wolf Lake - Deep Hole013143 Map 2021 Details