a lake.
Lake Wissota 42902710

Lake Wissota, Chippewa County

Loon Lake, Chippewa County

Loon Lake, Chippewa County (Photo By: Amy Lesik)

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Location: Lakes With: Lake Name:
Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
LaRose Lake Chippewa12
Lake Hallie, Lake Hallie 2 Chippewa79
Lake Wissota Chippewa6148
Larrabee Lake Chippewa50
Leo Joerg Lake Chippewa11
Little Bass Lake Chippewa14
Little Beaver Lake Chippewa6
Little Bob Lake Chippewa2
Little Buck Lake Chippewa5
Little Pine Lake Chippewa11
Little Plummer Lake Chippewa11
Little Twin Lake Chippewa3
Logger Lake Chippewa24
Long Lake Chippewa6
Long Lake Chippewa936
Long Lake Chippewa28
Loon Lake Chippewa134
Lost Lake Chippewa4
Lowers Lake Chippewa64
Lowland Lake Chippewa13