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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Hartnan Lake Chippewa9
Harwood Lakes Chippewa3
Harwood Lakes Chippewa1
Harwood Lakes Chippewa15
Harwood Lakes Chippewa10
Hay Lake Chippewa7
Hay Meadow Flowage Chippewa24
Hay Meadow Flowage No. 1 Chippewa16
Hay Meadow Flowage No. 3 Chippewa2
Hay Meadow Flowage No. 4 Chippewa11
Hemlock Lake Chippewa30
Henneman Lake Chippewa69
Herde Lake Chippewa153
Highland Lake Chippewa11
Himple Lake Chippewa5
Hodge Lake Chippewa38
Holcombe Flowage Rusk, Chippewa2881
Horseshoe Flowage Chippewa7
Horseshoe Lake Chippewa19
Horseshoe Lake Chippewa27
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