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Chippewa Flowage

Chippewa Falls Flowage 5555, Eau Claire, Chippewa County (Photo By: DNR)

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Location: Lakes With: Lake Name:
Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Cadott Flowage Chippewa20
Cadotte Lake Rusk, Chippewa14
Calkins Lake Chippewa46
Calkins North Lake Chippewa13
Camp Lake Chippewa, Rusk7
Cather Lake Chippewa10
Cedar Lake Chippewa5
Chain Lake Chippewa, Rusk454
Chapman Lake Chippewa36
Chick Lake Chippewa10
Chick Lake Chippewa15
Chippewa Falls Flowage 5555 Eau Claire, Chippewa954
Cindy Lake Chippewa14
Clear Lake Chippewa25
Clear Lake Chippewa9
Como Lake (Bloomer Mill Pond) Chippewa98
Cornell Flowage Chippewa897
Cornell Lake Chippewa194