a lake.
Nancy Lake, Washburn County

Lake Nancy, Washburn County (Photo By: Alex Smith)

Minong Flowage

Minong Flowage, Washburn, Douglas County (Photo By: Alex Smith)

Birch Lake near Cth F

Birch Lake, Sawyer, Washburn County (Photo By: Ashley Beranek)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Adventure Lake Washburn14
Alder Lake Washburn13
Anah Springs Washburn4
Baker Lake Washburn100
Balsam Lake Washburn325
Banks Lake Washburn45
Bashaw Trout Springs Burnett, Washburn10
Bass Lake Washburn101
Bass Lake Washburn132
Bass Lake Washburn187
Bean Brook Spring Washburn4
Bean Lake Washburn100
Bear Lake Washburn, Barron1348
Beartrack Lake Washburn59
Beartrap Lake Washburn16
Beaver Lake Washburn87
Beaver Lodge Pond Washburn4
Bennett Lake Washburn, Sawyer39
Berry Lake Washburn37
Big Bass Lake Washburn201
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