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Crystal Lake, Vilas County

Crystal Lake, Vilas County (Photo By: Brynn Bemis)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Camp Five Lake Vilas26
Camp Lake Vilas38
Camp One Lake Vilas25
Camp Ten Lake Vilas33
Camp Twelve Lake Vilas86
Camp Two Lake Vilas15
Canteen Lake Vilas23
Carlin Lake Vilas155
Carpenter Lake Vilas339
Carrol Lake Vilas, Oneida330
Caspian Lake Vilas17
Catfish Lake Vilas1012
Cathaline Lake Vilas36
Catherine Lake Vilas21
Cedar Lake Vilas17
Cedar Lake Vilas64
Chamberlain Lake Vilas18
Chewelah Lake Vilas35
Chickaree Lake Vilas29
Chub Lake Vilas13
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