a lake.
Lake Aurora

Aurora Lake, Vilas County (Photo By: DNR)

Trout Lake in Vilas County by Luke Ernster

Trout Lake, Vilas County (Photo By: Luke Ernster)

Otto Mielke Lake

Mielke Lake, Vilas County (Photo By: Bill Christiansen)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Adams Lake Vilas9
Afterglow Lake Vilas32
Alder Lake Vilas264
Aldridge Lake Oneida, Vilas142
Allequash Lake Vilas406
Allequash Springs Vilas8
Alma Lake Vilas58
Amber Lake Oneida, Vilas736
Ambleside Lake Vilas19
Amik Lake Vilas141
Anderson Lake Vilas35
Andrew Lake Vilas12
Annabelle Lake Vilas194
Anne Lake Vilas34
Anne Lake Vilas25
Anvil Lake Vilas377
Apeekwa Lake Vilas206
Armour Lake Vilas328
Arrowhead Lake Vilas96
Aspen Lake Vilas21
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