a lake.
Bear Lake, Portage County

Bear Lake, Portage County (Photo By: Deb Konkel, Wisconsin DNR)

Lake Emily, Portage County

Lake Emily, Portage County (Photo By: Kelly Wagner)

Adams Lake

Adams Lake, Portage County (Photo By: Neil Trombly)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Adams Lake Portage30
Amherst Millpond Portage38
Anderson Lake Portage11
Bakers Lake Portage32
Bass Lake Portage28
Bear Lake Portage29
Bentley Pond (Dana Pond) Portage77
Biron Flowage Portage, Wood2187
Bluebird Lake Portage3
Boelter Lake Portage23
Budsberg Lake Portage20
Collins Lake Portage43
Deans Lake Portage6
East Lake Portage12
Ebert Lake Portage12
Ell Lake Portage23
Eske Lake Portage3
First Lake Portage13
Fountain Lake Portage16
Glisezinski Lake Portage35
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