a lake.
Bony Lake, Bayfield County

Bony Lake, Bayfield County (Photo By: Alex Smith)

Birch Lake

Birch Lake, Bayfield County (Photo By: Alex Smith)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Bailey Lake Bayfield5
Balsam Pond Bayfield6
Bark Bay Slough Bayfield67
Barnes Lake Bayfield14
Bass Lake Bayfield16
Bass Lake Bayfield81
Bass Lake Bayfield69
Bass Lake Bayfield9
Bass Lake Bayfield22
Bass Lake Bayfield35
Bass Lake Bayfield63
Basswood Lake Bayfield109
Bear Lake Bayfield28
Bear Pond Bayfield11
Bearsdale Springs Bayfield3
Bearsdale Springs, Upper Bayfield3
Beaver House Lake Bayfield2
Beaver Lake Bayfield15
Beaver Lake Bayfield, Ashland24
Bell Lake Bayfield13
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