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Buffalo Lake

Buffalo Lake, Marquette County (Photo By: Wisconsin DNR)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Big Pine Lake Marquette5
Bright Lake Marquette10
Buffalo Lake Marquette2179
Christensen Lake Marquette6
Clearwater Lake Marquette14
Comstock Lake Marquette26
Cotters Lake Marquette11
Crystal Lake Marquette119
Dates Millpond Marquette, Columbia188
Echo Lake Marquette24
Echo Lake Marquette9
Emrick Lake Marquette32
Ennis Lake Marquette29
Fenner Lake Marquette, Adams41
Goodhue Lake Marquette6
Grand River Marsh* Marquette, Green Lake1446
Harris Pond (Harrisville) Marquette172
Imm Lake Marquette14
Kilby Lake Marquette44
Lake Burnita Marquette10
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