a lake.
Bass Lake Post Restoration, Marinette County

Bass Lake, Marinette County (Photo By: Sevener, Greg)

Lake Noquebay Photo

Lake Noquebay, Marinette County (Photo By: WDNR Photo)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Angle Lake Marinette2
Annabelle Lake Marinette5
Babson Pond Marinette1
Back Lake Marinette12
Back Lake Marinette3
Bagley Flowage 1061 Marinette245
Bahlert Lake Marinette8
Balsam Lake Marinette9
Barlow Lake Marinette6
Barnes Lake Marinette28
Barr Lake Marinette7
Bass Lake Marinette40
Bass Lake Marinette7
Bear Lake Marinette3
Beecher Lake Marinette30
Belgian Lake Marinette9
Benson Lake Marinette8
Berry Lake Marinette15
Big Quinnesec Falls Flowage Marinette101
Birch Lake Marinette17
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