a lake.
Fish from Beaver Dam Lake, Barron County

Beaver Dam Lake, Barron County (Photo By: Heath Benike and Mason Disrude)

Bear Lake

Bear Lake, Barron, Washburn County (Photo By: Ashley Beranek)

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Location: Lakes With: Lake Name:
Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Bailey Lake Barron37
Barron Flowage No. 1 Barron52
Barron Flowage No. 2 Barron2
Barron Flowage No. 3 Barron62
Bass Lake Barron19
Bass Lake Barron20
Bass Lake Barron30
Bass Lake Barron118
Bear Lake Barron, Washburn1348
Beauty Lake Barron10
Beaver Dam Lake Barron1163
Big Dummy Lake Barron114
Big Moon Lake Barron187
Blueberry Lake Barron11
Bowman Lake Barron11
Buck Lake Barron71
Bullhead Lake Barron13
Butternut Lake Barron145