a lake.
Brule River Flowage, Florence County 2015 - Luke Ernster

Brule River Flowage , Florence County (Photo By: Luke Ernster)

Buckskin Lake

Buckskin Lake, Florence County (Photo By: Brynn Bemis)

Lost Lake Florence County - Luke Ernster

Lost Lake, Florence County (Photo By: Luke Ernster)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Baird Lake Florence1
Barrens Lake Florence9
Bass Lake Florence51
Bass Lake Florence104
Bass Lake Florence15
Bass Lake Florence22
Beaver Pond Florence7
Bell Lake Florence12
Bessie Babbet Lake Florence37
Birch Lake Florence10
Boot Lake Florence101
Brule River Flowage Florence297
Buckskin Lake Florence12
Bush Lake Florence47
Camp Thirteen Lake Florence13
Cosgrove Lake Florence76
Cruiser Lake Florence4
Dorothy Lake Florence17
Duck Lake Florence36
Duck Lake Florence57
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