a lake.
Coon Fork Flowage

Coon Fork Flowage, Eau Claire County (Photo By: Diane Glodoski)

Chippewa Flowage

Chippewa Falls Flowage 5555, Eau Claire, Chippewa County (Photo By: DNR)

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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Altoona Lake Eau Claire720
Chippewa Falls Flowage 5555 Eau Claire, Chippewa954
Cooley Lake Eau Claire34
Coon Fork Flowage Eau Claire62
Dells Millpond (Rodell) Eau Claire66
Dells Pond Eau Claire622
Eau Claire Lake Eau Claire870
Elk Creek Lake* Eau Claire, Dunn57
Fairchild Pond Eau Claire17
Fall Creek Pond Eau Claire15
Gravel Pit Pond Eau Claire21
Halfmoon Lake Eau Claire135
Powell Lake Eau Claire7
Unnamed Eau Claire0.82
Unnamed Eau Claire0.56
Unnamed Eau Claire0.84
Unnamed Eau Claire5
Unnamed Eau Claire0.64
Unnamed Eau Claire1
Unnamed Eau Claire1
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