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Whitewater Lake
Walworth County, 625 Acres

Water Quality

One measure of a lakes health is the trophic state, which relates to the amount of algae in the water. The average summer trophic state for the last 5 years was 53 (Eutrophic) and was determined using chlorophyll data. For a Deep Lowland lake, this is considered Good. Deep Lowland lakes stratify, or form separate layers of water, during the summer months and have watersheds greater than 4 square miles in area.

Whitewater Lake has been monitored by volunteers since 1986. Volunteers monitor water clarity with a black and white Secchi disk. Some also collect water samples, which are sent to the State Lab of Hygiene to be analyzed. Volunteers are the source of the majority of Wisconsin's lake water quality data, and their dedication is greatly appreciated. Reports and graphs featuring data collected by volunteers, DNR staff and others can be viewed below.

Water Quality Reports and Graphs

Station NameStation IDMapMax YearReports
Whitewater Lake - A-Deep Hole Center Of Lake653126Map2022Details
Whitewater Lake - NE Basin Mid (Herbicide Monitoring Site 5)10043738Map2015Details
Whitewater Lake - NE Basin North (Herbicide Monitoring Site 6)10043739Map2015Details
Whitewater Lake - NE Basin South (Herbicide Monitoring Site 4)10043737Map2015Details
Whitewater Lake - NW Basin (Herbicide Monitoring Site 3)10043736Map2015Details
Whitewater Lake - SW Basin (Herbicide Monitoring Site 2)10043735Map2015Details
Whitewater Lake - Site B-South Basin653234Map2022Details
Whitewater Lake - Site C-NW Bay653139Map2022Details
Whitewater Lake - Site D-NE Bay653140Map2022Details