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Lake Monona shoreline

Lake Monona shoreline
Photo by Wisconsin DNR

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Lake Monona
Dane County, 3359 Acres

Lake Monona has been monitored by volunteers since 1989. Volunteers monitor water clarity with a black and white Secchi disk. Volunteers are the source of the majority of Wisconsin's lake water quality data, and their dedication is greatly appreciated. Additional monitoring has been done through projects funded in part by DNR Lake Grants and Aquatic Invasive Species Grants. Reports and graphs featuring data collected by volunteers, DNR staff and others can be viewed below.

Water Quality Reports and Graphs

Station NameStation IDMapMax YearReports
Lagoon du Nord 20ft west of bridge10038728Map2006Details
Lagoon du Sud 120 ft west of bridge10038729Map2006Details
Lake Monona - Center Of Monona Bay133450Map2020Details
Lake Monona - Deep Hole208Map2022Details
Lake Monona - Main Lake Basin133457Map2004Details
Lake Monona - Main Lake Basin133458Map2019Details
Lake Monona - Main Lake Basin133459Map2004Details
Lake Monona - Monona Bay10042267Map2016Details
Lake Monona - North Bay10032371Map2016Details
Lake Monona - North Shore Brittingham Pk133092Map1988Details
Lake Monona - Olbrich Park133538Map2021Details
Lake Monona - Squaw Bay133123Map2019Details
Lake Monona - Turville Bay10031632Map2012Details
Lake Monona and Yahara River Mouth near Yahara Park Place10047487Map2016Details
Lake Monona at Dunning St10043403Map2014Details
Lake Monona at E. Winnequah Rd end10043407Map2014Details
Lake Monona at Fayette St10043405Map2014Details
Lake Monona at Lakeland Ave10043402Map2014Details
Lake Monona at Morrison St (Morrison Park)10043404Map2014Details
Lake Monona at Waunona Way10043406Map2014Details
Lake Monona near 5200 block of Tonyawatha Trail10047241Map2016Details
Lake Monona near Stone Bridge Park10047242Map2016Details
Lake Monona near Tonyawatha Park10047230Map2016Details
Lake Monona south shore between Fayette Ave & Hoboken Rd10047299Map2016Details
Lake Monona-Monona Bay - Bay 1a-C133377Map1992Details
Lake Monona-Monona Bay - Bay 2a-C133378Map1992Details
Lake Monona-Monona Bay - Bay 3a-C133379Map1992Details
Lake Monona-Monona Bay - Bay 4a133380Map1992Details
Lake Monona-Monona Bay - Bay 5a-B133382Map1992Details