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Little Elkhart Lake

Little Elkhart Lake
Photo by Brynn Bemis

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Little Elkhart Lake Rehabilitation District [exit DNR]

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Little Elkhart Lake
Sheboygan County, 52 Acres

Local Boating Ordinances

Ordinance TitleCategoriesView Ordinance
BOATING ORDINANCES ADDED TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE TOWN OF RHINE [Sheboygan County]Slow-No-Wake Areas, Houseboat Regulations, Slow-No-Wake Hours, Water Skiing RestrictionsView
ORDINANCE NO: 4-91 SUNDAY OPERATION PROHIBITED [Elkhart, Little Elkhart, Crystal Lake; Sheboygan County]Motorboat ProhibitionView
Language change for this part of the Ordinance [Boating Ordinance; Little Elkhart Lake, Elkhart Lake, Crystal Lake; Sheboygan County]Speed Limits (mph)View

** About Boating Ordinances: Before boating on an unfamiliar Wisconsin waterways check for a sign at the public boat landing to determine if there are local regulations (more restrictive than state law) which may apply on that waterbody. Also be sure to review the document Wisconsin Boating Regulations to learn about statewide regulations. There may be a delay between the time an ordinance is passed and the time it gets into our database. Therefore, the only way to know for sure if a water body has an ordinance in effect is to look for a sign posted at a public boat landing.