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Petenwell Lake
Juneau, Wood, Adams County, 23173 Acres

Petenwell Lake has been monitored by volunteers since 2005. Volunteers monitor water clarity with a black and white Secchi disk. Volunteers are the source of the majority of Wisconsin's lake water quality data, and their dedication is greatly appreciated. Additional monitoring has been done through projects funded in part by DNR Aquatic Invasive Species Grants. Reports and graphs featuring data collected by volunteers, DNR staff and others can be viewed below.

Water Quality Reports and Graphs

Station NameStation IDMapMax YearReports
503 Barnum Bay Trail10034892Map2010Details
Castle Rock Lake - N Of Yellow R Arm / Petenwell Sed Up (T20nr5es09)293126Map1996Details
Castle Rock Lake - West Side Just Ab Dam / Petenwell Sed Mid (T20nr5es32)293127Map1996Details
Juneau County Wilderness Park bay10031202Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage10021022Map1994Details
Petenwell Flowage - 0.5 mi. NE of 10th St. boat landing10031207Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 0.5 mi. W of Petenwell Cty Pk10031206Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 0.75 mi. south of 10th St. boat landing10031208Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mi Blw Yellow Bk293146Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mi Se Halls Pt013170Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mi Se Longview Pt013169Map2021Details
Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mile Ab Dam013162Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage - 2 Mi Abv Dam293149Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 2.2 mi. NE of dam10031210Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 2.2 mi. SW of Petenwell Co. Park10031209Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - 3 Mi Abv Dam293148Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage - Barnum Bay 10031201Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - County Park Monroe Center - Offshore Cylindro Sample013180Map2005Details
Petenwell Flowage - Deep Hole013134Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage - NE Of Longview Pt013168Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage - NW of Petenwell County Park10031205Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - Near 20th Ave.293138Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage - Pilot Cove293134Map1993Details
Petenwell Flowage - Sed Mid T19nr05e18013154Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - Strongs Prairie Flats at 3 mi. NE of dam10031211Map2012Details
Petenwell Flowage - West Of Barnum Bay013164Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage 01 (1.8 miles US of dam)10031171Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage 02 (4.7 miles US of dam)10031170Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage 03 (7.8 miles US of dam)10031169Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage 1 Mi Se Of Longview Point10021041Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage 2 Mi Se Of Armenia Boat Landing.10021053Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage River Mile 180.210021031Map1994Details
Petenwell Flowage Rm 185.410021032Map1994Details
Petenwell Flowage TMDL monitoring 04 (10.4 miles US of dam)10031168Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage at Barnum Bay293140Map2009Details
Petenwell Flowage at Halls Point293147Map2015Details
Petenwell Flowage at Mi Above Dam Deepest Point10021040Map1998Details
Petenwell Flowage at Yellow Banks293145Map1998Details
Petenwell Lake - Off Private Dock - Arkdale10029567Map2020Details
Upper Petenwell Flowage - SW of Cattail Islands10031196Map2012Details
Upper Petenwell Flowage - SW of Duck Island10031197Map2012Details
Upper Petenwell Flowage - Yellow Banks10031198Map2012Details
Upper Petenwell Flowage - east of Hochee Point10031200Map2012Details
Upper Petenwell Flowage - south of Catfish Bay10031199Map2012Details
West Petenwell Ditch - 10th St.293060Map1982Details
West Petenwell Ditch - Ditch-16th Ave And 13th293061Map1981Details
Wisconsin River - 1 Mi Ne Of Yellow Banks293144Map1998Details
Wisconsin River - Above Petenwell Dam013023Map1981Details
Wisconsin River - Near Monroe Park013020Map1975Details
Wisconsin River - Near Petenwell Park013021Map1975Details
Wisconsin River - Near Violet Lawn School013019Map1979Details
Wisconsin River Petenwell Flowage - 1 Mile North Of Long View Point013015Map1993Details
Wisconsin River Petenwell Flowage - Off Wilderness Park013004Map1993Details
Wisconsin River at Fish Lake121Map1976Details
Wisconsin River at Lake Petenwell122Map1976Details
Wisconsin River at New Rome013017Map1981Details
Wisconsin River-Petenwell Flowage - Nw Of East Dike013166Map1996Details
Wisconsin River-Petenwell Flowage - West Of Adams County Park013165Map1996Details