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Lake Name:

a lake.
Buckhorn (State Park Beach)

Buckhorn (State Park Beach)
Photo by Wisconsin DNR

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DNR Contacts for Castle Rock Lake

Petenwell And Castle Rock Stewards [exit DNR]

Petenwell/Castle Rock Property Owners Association [exit DNR]

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Castle Rock Lake
Adams, Juneau County, 12981 Acres

Water Quality

One measure of a lakes health is the trophic state, which relates to the amount of algae in the water. The average summer trophic state for the last 5 years was 55 (Eutrophic) and was determined using satellite water clarity observations data. For a Reservoir lake, this is considered Good.

Castle Rock Lake was monitored by volunteers between 1993 and 2012. Volunteers monitor water clarity with a black and white Secchi disk. Volunteers are the source of the majority of Wisconsin's lake water quality data, and their dedication is greatly appreciated. Additional monitoring has been done through projects funded in part by DNR Aquatic Invasive Species Grants. Reports and graphs featuring data collected by volunteers, DNR staff and others can be viewed below.

Water Quality Reports and Graphs

Station NameStation IDMapMax YearReports
Castle Rock Flowage - (1604e12)293131Map1994Details
Castle Rock Flowage - (T17n04e35swnw)293133Map2012Details
Castle Rock Flowage - 0.3 mi. from east shore10031215Map2012Details
Castle Rock Flowage - 0.8 mi. west of Castle Rock Co. Park10031217Map2012Details
Castle Rock Flowage - 1 mil SE of Buckhorn State Wildlife Area10031218Map2012Details
Castle Rock Flowage - 1.8 mi. above dam10031219Map2012Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Blw Cth G Bridg293132Map2015Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Deep Hole-SW Side293123Map1997Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Deepest Point Above Dam At River Mile 159.7 (1604e13nwse)013044Map1997Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Deepest Point East Of Osprey Landing River Mile 169.9 (1804e27swne)013047Map1997Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Deepest Point River Mile 164.1 (1705e30nwnw)013045Map1997Details
Castle Rock Flowage - Deepest Point Sw Of Little Roche A Cri Creek Arm River Mile 167.7 (1704e12sene)013046Map1997Details
Castle Rock Flowage 03 (7.6 miles US of dam)10031172Map2015Details
Castle Rock Flowage TMDL monitoring 01 (1 mile US of dam)10031174Map2015Details
Castle Rock Flowage TMDL monitoring 02 (3.7 miles US of dam)10031173Map2015Details
Castle Rock Flowage TMDL monitoring 04 (Yellow river bay 5 miles US of dam)10031175Map2015Details
Castle Rock Lake - South Of L Roche A Cri Creek Entry/ Castle R F Sed Lo (T16nr4es13)293125Map1996Details
Castle Rock Lake near Murmuring Pines Dr at E Bay Dr10034200Map2011Details
Castle Rock SP Campsites 20-22 & kayak portage10034031Map2011Details
Upper Castle Rock Flowage - 1 mi. NE of mouth of Little Roche Cri Cr.10031214Map2012Details
Upper Castle Rock Flowage - 1 mi. above RR bridge10031213Map2012Details
Wisconsin River - Near Castle Rock125Map1976Details
Wisconsin River at Castle Rock Lake124Map1976Details
Yellow River arm - 0.7 mi. SW of Buckhorn WLA boat landing10031220Map2012Details