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Apple River Flowage -- Access Off Hwy 46 In Amery


Times Contacted (2012-2013) (Times Contacted:0 Times=67,1-2 Times=25,3-4 Times=5,5 Times=3|)

Boat Used Past 5 Days On Different Waterbody? (Used Past 5 Days:Yes=22,No=78|)

Waterbodies Visited (2012-2013) (Boaters:1-2 Waterbodies=56,3-4 Waterbodies=27,5 Waterbodies=16|)

Prevention Steps (2012-2013) (Prevention Steps (% of Boaters):Inspect Boat/Tr=95,Remove Plants/Animals=95,Drain Boat=92,Drain Livewell=89,Dispose of Bait=80|)

Aware of Laws (Aware of Laws (% of Boaters):2013=95|)

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Apple River Flowage has the following aquatic invasive species:
Chinese Mystery Snail, Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife