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Yellowstone Lake -- Access Near Beach


Projects That Have Been Active in 2020-2022:
ProjectBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Clean Boats, Clean Waters - Southwest Badger RC&D000 Details
Clean Boats, Clean Waters - Upper Sugar River Watershed Association511470 Details
DNR Watercraft Inspections - Lafayette County000 Details
SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: Southwest Badger R C & D 2018 CBCW000 Details
SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: Southwest Badger RC&D-Multiple000 Details
SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: Yellowstone Lake 2015 Clean Boats Clean Waters Project000 Details
UPPER SUGAR RIVER WATERSHED ASSOCIATION: Upper Sugar River Watershed Association 2022 CBCW0033 Details
Water Guard - Lafayette County000 Details
Yellowstone Lake has the following aquatic invasive species:
Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife, Rusty Crayfish