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Statistics below are for the landing as a whole, not just the project.
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LandingStation IDBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Allequash Lake -- Access10018458000 Details
Anvil Lake -- Access10018817000 Details
Ballard Lake -- Landing10020337000 Details
Big Arbor Vitae Lake -- Boat Landing At Big Arbor Vitae Dr10007671000 Details
Big Arbor Vitae Lake -- Boat Launch10018777000 Details
Big Lake -- Ramp10018760000 Details
Big Muskellunge Lake -- Boat Ramp Off Cth N10018779000 Details
Big Muskellunge Lake -- Ramp Off Big Muskellunge Lake Rd10019095000 Details
Big Portage Lake -- Access10018693000 Details
Big Saint Germain Lake -- Boat Ramp10018761000 Details
Big Sand Lake -- Boat Launch10018812000 Details
Big Stone Lake -- Access Nr Chicken In The Woods Rd10018958000 Details
Boot Lake -- Access at West side of lake off Beaver Tr.10018654000 Details
Boulder Lake -- Boat Ramp10018711000 Details
Butternut Lake -- Access at Far South - Nr 4 Duck Lake10019039000 Details
Butternut Lake -- Northeast Access Nr National Forest Rd 214010018705000 Details
Catfish Lake -- Boat Launch100187020420 Details
Clear Lake -- Access at W Side Of Lake Off Clear Lake Rd10018649000 Details
Deerskin Lake -- Access at Tn Rd 6010018672000 Details
Deerskin Lake -- Access off N Star Rd10018673000 Details
Eagle Lake -- Boat Launch at Eagle Lake County Park100186550420 Details
Eagle River - Burnt Rollways Dam Boat Ramp10019099000 Details
Fence Lake -- Access at Thorofare Rd10018775000 Details
Forest Lake -- Boat Launch10018778000 Details
Found Lake -- Access at SE side of lake (off Kleppe Rd)10018747000 Details
Franklin Lake - Access Adjacent To US Forest Svc Campground10018735000 Details
Gunlock Lake -- Access at Along Sunrise Camp Rd10019787000 Details
High Lake -- Boat landing on Hwy B10018814000 Details
Irving Lake -- Boat Ramp10019911000 Details
Island Lake -- Access Off Boat Landing Rd10018710000 Details
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