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Statistics below are for the landing as a whole, not just the project.
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LandingStation IDBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Alva Lake -- Access10019978000 Details
Amber Lake -- Access Nr W Squaw Lake Rd100188242300 Details
Bear Lake -- Access at NE Side Of Lake at End Of S Fork Rd10018921020 Details
Bearskin Lake -- Access10020243000 Details
Big Carr Lake -- Access10018709000 Details
Big Lake -- Access Nr East Big Lake Loop Rd10018959000 Details
Big Lake -- Access Nr Schultz Landing Loop Rd10019149000 Details
Bolger Lake -- Access10018789000 Details
Boom Lake -- Hodag Park Access1001866895340 Details
Booth Lake -- Access10018656000 Details
Brandy Lake -- Access10018822000 Details
Buckskin Lake -- Access100199472700 Details
Buffalo Lake -- Access10019096300 Details
Carrol Lake -- Carroll Lake Access10019097300 Details
Chain Lake -- Access10018738100 Details
Clear Lake -- Access at the End Of Clear Lake Rd10018620000 Details
Clear Lake -- Access Nr Camp Road10018621000 Details
Crescent Lake -- Access at North End Lake US Hwy 810018915000 Details
Eagle River - Burnt Rollways Dam Boat Ramp10019099000 Details
East Horsehead Lake -- Access10018908000 Details
Emma Lake -- Access10019131000 Details
Flannery Lake -- Access10018638000 Details
George Lake -- Access at Nostalgia Ln10018873010 Details
Gilmore Lake -- Access Nr County Hwy E10018910000 Details
Hancock Lake -- Access10018911200 Details
Hasbrook Lake -- Access10018682000 Details
Hawk Lake -- Access10018769000 Details
Hodstradt Lake -- Access10019133000 Details
Horsehead Lake -- Access10018770000 Details
Indian Lake -- Access10018892000 Details
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